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Makeup Remover Wipes

This Clean & Glow Makeup Remover Wipes contains 30 pieces of ultra-soft wipes to clean and refresh your skin with the goodness of green tea and calendula extracts. These wipes come in a resealable pack for effortless use. These are exclusively easy-to-use face wipes that clean, hydrate and maintains your skin moisture balance. It is also safe for use on sensitive skin as it contains calendula extracts that have a special healing formulation that soothes inflammation and controls acne breakouts.


  • Infused With Green Tea Extracts: Makeup Remover Wipes are infused with the green tea extracts that helps in improving skin moisture and texture, fights acne and reduces inflammation of the skin.
  • Contains Calendula Extracts: The calendula extracts of these makeup remover wipes can help you ban your acne, blemishes and and marks. It is also best for sensitive skin.
  • Cleans And Hydrates Skin: These wipes can help you clean your skin and hydrate at the same time.
  • Removes Makeup In One Swipe: These wipes can help you clean your makeup in just one swipe by gently pressing it against your skin.
  • Special Feature: Makeup Remover

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